It’s no secret that the Leftmedia has no love for the Second Amendment, as CNN, for example, has made seemingly endless use of the Parkland, Florida, atrocity as the backdrop for its barrage of anti-gun propaganda. But CNN is far from the only mainstream media outlet guilty of this kind of agenda-driven “journalism.” Enter The New York Times with an op-ed piece dubiously titled, “There is a middle ground on guns.” In the article, the writer, Margaret Renkl, falsely asserts, “Americans are now more likely to be shot to death than to die in a car accident.” She then attempts to back up her flawed stat by referencing a CDC factsheet revealing that slightly more people were killed by guns than in car accidents in 2015. However, Renkl fails to note a significant qualifier: 61% of the individuals killed by guns were due to suicide, while only 36% were deemed homicides. After such accounting, the number of individuals who died in car accidents was three times as many as those murdered via a firearm.

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