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Nevada Firearms Coalition – Know Your Limits 22 Rimfire – 50 yard –
Precision Rifle Match

Location: Clark County Shooting Complex – Education Center – 50 yard range.

Education Center is located at the end for the road past the Rifle &
Pistol Range

Please be at check in on 50 Yard Range before 8 AM. Registration will
open at 7:30 AM. Shooting will start at 8 AM.

If you know you can make it please SEND EMAIL with name, email address
and division to tom@nvfac.org

Match Fee:
NVFAC members = $5
NON-members = $10
Juniors (8 to 17 year olds) with NVFAC member parents are $5.

To join NVFAC go here https://www.nvfac.org/646/join


Targets are 8 swinging steel targets at 50 yards, ranging in size from
2” diameter to ¼” diameter in ¼” increments. You have 8 rounds MAXIMUM
to score as much as you can.

Targets must be shot in order, largest to smallest. Target must visibly
“swing” to be counted as a hit (Range Officials decision is final). If a
target is shot at and missed, you lose all accumulated points for that
set. If a target is shot out of order, you lose all points for that set.
You may stop at any time and keep all points earned for that set. If
time runs out and you have not missed, you keep your points for that
set. If you miss and still have any of your rounds remaining you can
start fro beginning again.

• Match is 3 sets, shot from the prone position. Score for match is
total from all 3 sets.
• There is a 120 second time limit per set starting at the buzzer after
load and make ready.
• NO COACHING – Shooter is responsible for hitting correct target,
doping wind, etc.
• No scores will be announced until the end of the match.

Basic– iron sights or red dots; any rifle

LIMITED Scope – Bare rifle cost under $750 MSRP new; scopes up to 10x power

OPEN Sscope – Anything allowed- any rifle, any scope, anything

Supports like bi-pods, shooting bags, slings, etc can be used in ALL

Rifle Rules:
1. Rifles must be chambered in .22 Long Rifle ONLY. This cartridge is
the most common and available rimfire cartridge. 17 HMR, 22 Magnum and
similar rimfire cartridges are NOT allowed.
2. No hyper velocity ammo
3. Any .22 LR chambered rifle may be used, however, rifles with
removable magazines are strongly encouraged.
4. Any scope, iron sights, or electronic sights may be used. Just
remember the largest target is 2” at 50 yards or 4 MOA.
5. Aftermarket cheek risers or modifications to the factory stock for
getting proper cheek weld are acceptable.

Except for Open division, aftermarket barrel and trigger work, including
trigger spring kits and any other parts that modify the factory action
are not allowed. No modification of any kind may be made to the factory
trigger or action, except for factory upgrade triggers for Limited Scope
division which keeps price under $750 MSRP new. Installation of bolt
buffers, auto bolt releases and extended magazine releases are all
upgraded safety measures and are allowed.

If you want to shoot in a higher division you can. So a Limited Scope
rifle with higher than 10x scope can compete in the Open Scope division